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Introducing the New Formula of PetroChina Fuel @ Hong Kong Filling Stations


Formulated with new additive and friction-reduction technology, the PetroChina new petrol formula effectively cleans up your vehicle engine and restores its power and performance. It can boost the engine components to operate smooth and save at once. 

New Formulated Futuro:

Futuro premium grade gasoline provides effective friction-reduction and maximum cleaning of engines. It delivers better engine response for a smoother and greater experience on the road.

New Formulated VitaGold:

VitaGold suitable for all gasoline vehicles. It effectively cleans engine deposits and restores engine performance while reducing friction for better fuel saving.

New Formulated Pepa:

Pepa suitable for all types of diesel vehicles including the latest Euro VI emission standard. With ultra-low Sulphur, Pepa diesel contains additives that deliver improved fuel economy, lower emissions for better performance and engine protection, resulting in greater fuel savings with its excellent anti-foaming technology.


Above effects and benefits may vary depending on driving habits, engine and traffic conditions. Actual effects and benefits may vary. No guarantees provided.

[JUL DAILY OFFER] Direct discount without designated credit card / conditional coupon!

Promotion Period:  1-31 Jul 2024*
Station: All PetroChina filling stations
Offer Detail: PetroChina Discount Card Members who spend on gasoline at the above PetroChina filling stations during the promotion period can enjoy the follows*
- [Mon]  Fill gasoline to enjoy -$6.20/L + diesel to enjoy 2X bonus points
- [Tue]    Fill Futuro to enjoy -$6.60/L
- [Wed]  Fill Futuro to enjoy -$6.80/L + Free upgrade to Futuro Unleaded Gasoline
- [Thu]   Fill Futuro to enjoy -$6.60/L +  diesel to enjoy 2X bonus points
- [Fri]     Fill Futuro to enjoy -$8/L +4X bonus points  (Futuro discount equivalent to -$9.27/L)
- [Sat]   Fill Futuro to enjoy -$8/L +4X bonus points (Futuro discount equivalent to -$9.27/L)
- [Sun]  Fill Futuro to enjoy -$8/L +4X bonus points (Futuro discount equivalent to -$9.27/L)

#The above discount is calculated based on the 2024/06/27 Futuro Unleaded Gasoline retail price (T&C apply)


# Criteria: The above discount is calculated based on the 27 Jun 2024 gasoline retail price and PetroChina fuel voucher redemption activity which the discount card members spend HK$1 to gain 4 points for redeeming the HK$200 fuel voucher (retail price) by 12,000 bonus points. Within the above promotion period, the discount on Futuro Unleaded Gasoline is $8.00/L. For redemption and use of a HK$200 fuel voucher, it is equivalent to an additional discount of $1.27/L. The discount amount is correlated to the rebate value of the fuel price and the voucher redemption activity, and is subject to change without prior notice.


* Terms and Conditions:
This offer is calculated by the total discounted amount in a single transaction and only applicable to the discount card members who entitled to the bonus point scheme. PetroChina International (Hong Kong) Corporation Limited ("PetroChina") reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the promotion activities and/or alter any of these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of any disputes, PetroChina reserves the right for the final interpretation and decision

Enquiry Hotline: (852) 2527 8500

Discount Card Members Redeem Points for Fuel Voucher


Discount card members, visit PetroChina filling stations in HK from now on, can use discount card bonus points to redeem one fuel voucher (available to use for both gasoline and diesel). T&C Apply.


1. Gasoline Discount Card Bonus Point Redeem Fuel Voucher (1 pc)

  • 5,000 points REDEEM $50 fuel voucher
  • 8,000 points REDEEM $100 fuel voucher
  • 12,000 points REDEEM $200 fuel voucher


2. Diesel Discount Card Bonus Point Redeem Fuel Voucher (1 pc)

  • 2,500 points REDEEM $50 fuel voucher
  • 4,000 points REDEEM $100 fuel voucher
  • 6,000 points REDEEM $200 fuel voucher


Fill stations location:


Terms and Conditions:

  • Available while stock lasts. Bonus Points are valid for redemption on or before 30 November of every year. Remaining bonus points will be forfeited.
  • Upon redemption, customers should check the fuel (gift) voucher at once and request for a replacement on the spot for any defect found, otherwise PetroChina International (Hong Kong) Corporation Limited may refuse to accept any such request.
  • The fuel (gift) voucher will become invalid after use.
  • Damaged, defected or copies of fuel (gift) voucher will not be accepted. Claim for loss of this coupon will not be entertained.
  • The fuel (gift) voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or discount offers, nor can it be exchanged or redeemed for cash.
  • The fuel (gift) voucher cannot be used for convenience store items.
  • The remaining value will be forfeited if the fuel tank is full and unable to intake the full amount of the complimentary gasoline/diesel.
  • In case of discrepancy, the Chinese version shall prevail. PetroChina International (Hong Kong) Corporation Limited reserves the right of the final interpretation and decision in case of any disputes.


Hotline: (852) 2527 8500